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Brain Health: No Negative Thoughts

        Stop negative thoughts. Each time a negative thought comes up, stop it and move on. No need to replace with a positive thought – that’s too much work. No need to replace it with anything. Move on to something else. Think a negative thought? Stop and move on. Why? Because one negative thought leads to two, and that leads to a story. This is what happens when you have one negative thought. You have a second thought, and the third negative thought builds a story. And, this is always a bad story with an ending that causes frustration, depression, anger, and rage. This is the basis for ... Read More

Leadership for You

Leadership is not only for executives, managers, or the boss. Leadership is also needed for your life. Be the leader of your life. What makes a good leader? Positive communication, commitment, decision making, confidence, persistence, creativity, and honesty. These traits can be learned, and for best results, practiced in a self-sustaining and self-maintaining way. Positive communication is interacting with people in a way that results in a positive feeling for both participants. Talking to coworkers, clerks, shop owners, and restaurant staff in a positive manner increases personal energy a... Read More